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Eyeglass prescriptions in Washington

Washington eyeglasses
Washington eyeglasses

What good are your glasses if they are not on your face? The answer is evident, and yet there are too many people who have glasses that are uncomfortable, too loose, too tight, or that have a prescription that is no longer up to date. At Metropolitan Optical, you can count on our Washington eyeglasses being well-fitted and your prescription being ideal for meeting your existing visual needs. It’s all part of our total commitment to you, our valued customer.

Your vision is always evolving, and most often those changes are for the worse. That’s not good news, but it’s not terrible news when you consider that all it takes is an annual visit to our optical store to make certain that your eyeglasses are keeping up with those changes. With an outdated prescription, you may start noticing that it’s more difficult to read or that you are straining or squinting a little more. Or you may not realize it all, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t happening. Fortunately, a yearly eye exam is simple, effective, and painless. It takes just a minimal amount of effort for you to have an up to date prescription. As for your comfort, while it has no direct relationship to how well you see, we want to encourage you to wear our Washington eyeglasses when you need them, instead of inventing excuses to not. The right type of fit is one in which your glasses sit comfortable upon your nose, without any pinching. Also, they should not dig into your ears. On the other hand, they should not be sliding around or falling off your face. With our Washington eyeglasses, none of that will happen. You’ll enjoy a comfortable fit every time.

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