Washington DC Glaucoma Doctor

Washington DC Glaucoma Doctor

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Glaucoma Eye Care in Washington DC

Here at Metropolitan Optical, our glaucoma eye care begins with early diagnosis and prompt attention to prevent the consequences of this eye disease from causing you undue harm. We recommend a yearly screening, which is part of a comprehensive eye examination.

Detecting the presence of glaucoma isn’t as easy as identifying your symptoms. The reason for that is because there are no signs that are obvious until the condition has become advanced. And by the time that occurs, you are likely to have experienced damage to your optic nerve or some degree of vision loss. At that point, the best you may be able to achieve is to prevent further problems. Our Washington DC glaucoma doctor would prefer to be proactive and get out ahead of noticeable symptoms. Your yearly visit to our office typically makes that possible. At the root of glaucoma is increased eye pressure, with happens when there is a buildup of eye fluid because your eyes are making more than they can drain. Diagnosis centers around a test called tonometry, which measures your eye pressure. Other testing, such as taking photos of your optic nerve, will also be done as necessary to reach a definitive conclusion. There are three treatments that our Washington DC glaucoma doctor may recommend, depending on the severity of the disease and your preferences. Specially medicated eye drops can reduce fluid production, but they may not work for everyone and they do need to be applied daily for life. More permanent solutions are found in laser surgery and microsurgery, both of which are centered on improving drainage.

The best thing you can do for your eyes is to get a yearly checkup, including a screening for eye disease. Please reach out to our office so we can book a time for you to come in and see our Washington DC glaucoma doctor.

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