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Taking care of your eyes is incredibly important when it comes maintaining your overall wellbeing. For patients with a known vision impairment or other deficiency, such as nearsightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism, it is important that you have your eyes checked regularly. Your vision can change without you noticing and some vision changes may be a sign of other more serious eye conditions. Our eye care team here at Metropolitan Optical can provide you with the Washington D.C. eye exams you need to maintain your visual acuity and keep your eyes healthy.

There are plenty of advantages to having your eyes checked via an annual eye exam, especially if you already have an eyeglass or contact lens prescription. Your visual acquitted can often change without you really noticing. Sometimes your vision can change so gradually over time that it becomes difficult to notice the change until it becomes so drastic that you cannot see well at all. Signs of an out of date vision prescription include increased eye strain, increased squinting, persistent headaches, difficulty focusing prevent dizziness. Having your eyes checked regularly here at Metropolitan Optical can help make sure that you always see your best. Even if your prescription changes very little in the span of a year, the slightest change in lens magnification can mean a whole world of clarity and really make a difference. Even if you have lived most of your life with perfect vision, your visual acuity can still decline later in life. Aging adults can frequently experience a gradual need for corrective lenses after the age of 40 due to their corneas losing shape as they get older, typically resulting in farsightedness. This is why many adults find they need reading glasses later in life. Making sure that your visual acuity is always at 20/20 is easy with our Washington D.C. eye exams.

In addition to providing you with the tests you need to make sure that your prescription is up to date, we here at Metropolitan Optical can walk you through our selection of contact lenses and eyeglass frames as well. Make sure that you look great and see great by visiting us here at our optical store in Washington DC.

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