Progressive Lenses in Washington D.C.

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Progressive lenses in Washington D.C.

Progressive lenses in Washington D.C.

Millions of people have some sort of vision impairment, and each one is unique. For the most part, people use prescription lenses in order to correct their vision and to improve their overall eyesight. It’s important that your lenses match your impairments needs, and sometimes progressives may be the solution that you require. If you have trouble seeing close up and far away, then you need a prescription lens that meets both needs, which is exactly what progressives do. Here at Metropolitan Optical we can provide you with the progressive lenses in Washington D.C. that you will need in order to see well from day to day with ease.

Some people naturally see with 20/20 vision, but for those with any kind of vision impairment, prescription lenses will be needed if you want to see with any kind of clarity. Most vision impairments are due to imperfections in the shape of the corneas of your eyes. The corneas are a lot like the lens of a camera in that they are clear and curved and refract the light that passes through your eye, thus affecting the clarity with which you see the world around you. Some people have difficulty seeing things up close, which is known as being farsighted, and others have issues seeing things that are far away, which is known as being nearsighted. Some people have issues seeing at both distances and may also need additional help seeing things in the middle ground as well. Instead of having separate glasses attuned to each of these needs individually, we here at can provide you with progressive lenses in Washington D.C. that may help. Progressive lenses allow you to see at varying distances with clarity. Each lens is specifically designed to meet your vision needs. Generally, looking through the bottom of the lens will allow you to see things up close clearly and the top half of the lens will allow you to see things at a distance with clarity as well. Progressives make the transition between these areas seamless so your eyes do not have to adjust to the change as they otherwise might have to with bifocals or multifocals.

If you are interested in getting progressive lenses in Washington D.C., we here at Metropolitan Optical can help. Call us or stop on by today.

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