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Seasonal allergies in Washington DC

Eye doctor in Washington DC
Eye doctor in Washington DC

This is a big time of the year for seasonal allergies, and the effects of them can have an impact on your eyes. Here at Metropolitan Optical, we’re committed to helping you to avoid complications, discomfort, and frustration from seasonal allergies and how they impact your eye health.

The symptoms are unmistakable, aren’t they? Watery and burning eyes, redness, itching, and maybe even swollen eyelids. You may experience these signs in addition to or instead of nasal ones. It’s important to realize that at the heart of the reactions that you are dealing with is that your body is attempting to get rid of something that it perceives as a threat. The challenges that you face are the inevitable result, but the good news is that they do not pose any long term danger to your optical wellness or your vision. Our eye doctor in Washington DC will do a thorough examination and the way in which seasonal allergies are treated will be at least partially dependent on the severity of your symptoms. In mild to moderate cases, you may be able to achieve relief just by using over-the-counter allergy products. For more extreme situations, though, that typically will not be sufficient. Prescription medication can lead to the desired outcome. But our eye doctor in Washington DC may also recommend some simple yet helpful lifestyle adjustments. Keep your windows closed when pollen counts are high. If it’s too warm, use an air conditioner instead. Avoid rubbing your eyes. It’s tempting to do so because of the itchiness, but that will only make the symptoms worse. Above all, it’s worth remembering that seasonal allergies are so named because they only last for a certain amount of time. That does not mean, however, that you should just tough it out and suffer in the meantime.

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