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Capitol Hill Dry Eyes

Dry Eyes and Winter weather in Capitol Hill

Capitol Hill dry eyes

Capitol Hill dry eyes

Have your eyes become scratchy and irritated, and has your vision become intermittently blurred? If so, you will want to visit us at Metropolitan Optical where our top-notch optometrist, Dr. Saba Ayalew, can determine whether or not the symptoms are being caused by Capitol Hill dry eyes.

Many patients come to see us with these vision symptoms, particularly in the winter when dry eye symptoms can become more bothersome than usual. This is because the dry winter weather can either aggravate current dry eye symptoms, or even cause patients to suffer with dry eye for the first time. Dry eye is a condition when the eyes do not manufacture enough tears to lubricate and nourish the eyes, or the tears that are being created are not of a good enough quality. Many older adults suffer with this vision problem. People who work in certain environmental conditions, or who take certain medications can also be more prone to developing dry eye. Moreover, dry eye can become extremely troublesome in the winter. The cold winter weather is very dry and can greatly aggravate symptoms. Cold winter winds can quickly dry your eyes when you are outside. It is recommended that you wear wraparound sunglasses to protect your eyes from the cold breezes whenever you are outside. Indoors, the situation is also bad for dry eye sufferers. This is because many buildings and homes have forced air heating systems which dry out the air even more. Our eye doctor will let you know whether or not you are suffering with Capitol Hill dry eyes, and possibly prescribe eye drops which will keep your eyes well-lubricated and comfortable. Dry eye in itself is not a serious condition, but if left untreated it can cause permanent damage to the cornea.

For an appointment to see our eye doctor regarding diagnosis and treatment for your Capitol Hill dry eyes, contact us today.

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