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Washington D.C. Myopia Treatment

Myopia optometrist

Washington D.C. myopia treatment

Washington D.C. myopia treatment

Myopia is the clinical term for what many people refer to as nearsightedness. When you can see well up close, but you have difficulties focusing on things that are further off in the distance, you are considered to have myopia. It is a very common vision problem that is easily corrected with either prescription eyeglasses or contact lenses. That is our Washington D.C. myopia treatment. At Metropolitan Optical, we recommend a yearly eye exam with our optometrist for all our valued customers. As part of a complete checkup, you will be tested not only for myopia, but also hyperopia (farsightedness), astigmatism, and presbyopia, all of which have an impact on your ability to see to your best ability. Even if you already wear corrective lenses, your may be able to benefit from an updated prescription. Just seeing okay shouldn’t be good enough. The sharpest and clearest vision you can achieve is our goal.

Myopia is caused due to the curvature of your cornea. When it’s shaped properly, light enters your eye through the cornea, and reaches the retina in the center. This is what results in normal vision. But with myopia, the curve of your cornea causes the light to hit the front of your retina instead. As a result, your ability to see things that are not nearby becomes compromised. And while it is most certainly not a dangerous condition, it is not ideal and can lead to difficulties, like having to squint to read the menu behind the counter of your favorite coffee shop; and even situations that are unsafe, such as when you need to see street signs while driving. That is why you need our Washington D.C. myopia treatment.

In many cases, myopia is inherited. If either of your parents are nearsighted, it increases the possibility that you will be. And if both parents are myopic, you are far more likely to have it affect you. Other risk factors for myopia include keratoconus, a degenerative disease of the cornea; and having cataracts. During your eye exam at our office, you will screened for keratoconus and cataracts, as well as other common eye diseases, such as glaucoma. Our Washington D.C. myopia treatment is made easier by our large selection of designer frames for your eyeglasses and a variety of contact lenses to suit your lifestyle needs.

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