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Are you tired of the look of your bifocal lenses? Do you constantly feel jarred by the dividing line between one prescription and the next? If you are tired of the look of the lenses you need to see clearly with presbyopia and your preexisting vision problem, there are alternatives today which can give you back your seamless vision correction and the youthful appearance of a singular vision lens, all while giving you even better vision than ever before. You can find the beautiful looks you long for with vision correction tailored to your unique needs through progressive lenses from your local Washington DC optician at the welcoming offices of Metropolitan Optical.

Bifocals Washington D.C.

Bifocals Washington D.C.

If you are looking to get more out of your lenses and get back to way of vision correction that feels natural to your eyes, progressive lenses can give you a clearer and more beautiful way of sight. While bifocal lenses are simple two levels of viewing power divided by a line etched into your lenses, progressive lenses provide truly multifocal prescriptions with a gradual shift from near to distance viewing with an intermediate range the is tailored to your unique way of seeing in order to feel natural and effortless. Progressive lenses have none of the jarring sensation when moving from one viewing power to the next that bifocal lenses so often cause. While bifocal lenses offer little room for customization, progressive lenses allow for many different variations to suit you perfectly and even aid your way of life. Styles of viewing are available for the specific needs of frequent long distance viewing, which can be great asset to those whose days are spent in the driver’s seat for hours on end. Work place lenses for the office are designed with near viewing on the bottom of your lens, where your eyes naturally gravitate during reading, with intermediate ranges within the middle, and distance viewing at the top of your lens. These viewing fields can be altered as needed by your professional Washington DC optician for a perfectly natural feel and fit to your vision needs. Progressive lenses can be made from a wide variety of materials to fit every life style, from Trivex for impact resistance and increased durability, to high index for a lighter and thinner lens.

For the very best in progressive lenses to give you comfortable and beautiful vision correction, simply visit the experts at your neighborhood Washington DC optician. Our fully licensed and professionally trained staff at the offices of the Metropolitan Optical combine over 80 years of experience in order to provide our patients with the best in optical care through personalized attention with the latest technology. With progressive lenses from the Metropolitan Optical you can see the world more beautifully than ever before.

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